Saturday, 16 April 2011

When life was getting easy, I took a step into the impossible!

Sorry no pictures today, but read on and you will know why...

Today marks three weeks until the Legionary show/tournament where I have entered into the Warhammer tourni. So it seemed like a good time to think about the army list I would like to take.

After some thought I have decided to go for Skaven, even though I don't actually have any painted figures yet. i have access to the figures from two Island of Blood box sets, so I need the incentive to paint them. So never afraid of a challenge here we go.....

The challenge is to paint a 1500 point Skaven army to a good standard in 21 days.

I spent a good few hours last night working on what I hope will be a competitive army list. As a long time Empire player, I am used to large blocks of infantry. I love cannons and it would be nice to have something like a steam tank.

So the list I have come up with is...
39 Clanrats with full command, handweapons & shields and a poisoned wind team
39 Clanrats with full command, spears & shields and a doom flayer team
2 warp lightning cannons
two lots of 5 Gutter runners with slings and poisoned attacks
Grey seer with power stone & skalm
Battle standard with enchanted shield and 4+ ward talisman.
Chiefton with Halberd.

Any comments would be appreciated, after all I have never played Skaven!

So 96 models in 21 days! That is only 5 a day!!!! Here goes..

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