Saturday, 9 July 2011

Skaven Muscle: A finished rat ogre

When last we saw the skaven Rat-ogres they had been, assembled, converted and filled with green stuff. The nest step is to slap on a bit of paint. So that is what I have done with this young lad. Nothing too strange going on here, but I have cut off his hand at the shoulder strap and turned his arm around so that it is extended.

This resulted in it sticking out a bit so I added some chains and stuff off a chaos marauder. I also had to cut a block under his left leg because the chain would have been dragging on the floor..

I went for a skin tone and overall I am quite happy with him.

Off to paint a second..

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Storm of Magic ready: Karl Franz on Imperial Dragon

This weekend Games workshop will release "Storms of Magic" an expansion to the warhammer fantasy system. The expansion seeks to encourage the use of magic and monsters. The the words of GW themselves "Roused by the ever-changing magical tides, monstrous beasts emerge from their places of rest to once again wreak havoc across the lands."

Roused by such words, I could not resist the temptation to resurrect a part completed project from my own past. Around two years ago I set out to build Karl Fanz riding on the Imperial dragon. Unfortunately, I just ran out of steam.

Nothing for it but to brush the dust off the figure and set about finishing the beast.

The dragon is the High elf dragon, but I wanted him to look a bit less like everyone else's dragon, so I cut him into little bits and reassembled him, but this time standing on his tail. I had to remove all the little high elf emblems off the armour and I elected to replace the over large reins. His foot needed a little work as did his stomach, but generally I am happy with the pose.

I worked on the assumption that just about every army would be able to field a dragon, so I made its rider removable. This was achieved with the use of magnets in the riders bottom and on the seat. You will never see the underside of the rider so I am not too worried that I have not disguished this magnet well. This arrangement does give me the option of having alternative riders or none at all.

Karl Franz was painted using the colour scheme of the remainder of my empire army. This is cream and blue. I modeled him with his massive hammer, because I guess he would always choose it. The photos below so him sat on a brass rod, so I could photograph him.

The base I kept pretty plain, I just modelled a collapsed wall. I didn't want to distract too much from the big chap.

Hope you enjoy...


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