Thursday, 14 January 2010

Vampire Counts 2000 points List 2

Vampire lord, extra level
Master of the black arts, forbidden lore, lord of the dead
Skull staff, crown of command, biting blade
This lord is designed to be a terror in the magic phase. generates 5 power dice, knows all spells from a magic lore plus invocation) and gets +1 to cast and dispel. the crown is a fantastic item and lets you take advantage of the Vampires Ws without risking him in combat.
Dark acolyte, summon creatures of the night
Flayed hauberk, dispel scroll
A good secondary magic user who's quite resilient from a two up armour save.
Wight king; Barded skeletal steed, battle standard, lance
Drakenhoff banner
Expensive but since he gives the unit with regeneration and is damned hard to hurt anyway, he is worth it.
Wight king; Barded skeletal steed, lance
Good combat clout for the points
20 skeletons, light armour, hand weapon and shield, full command, warbanner
10 skeletons, light armour, hand weapon and sheild, champion
18 crypt ghouls, ghast
3 base bat swarm
15 grave guard, full command
5 Black knights, champion
3 fel bats
This second army is slower moving than the first but has a substantial magic phase and quite diverse range of units. The vampires keep the numbers up, even making some units bigger and allowing you to raise new units of zombies.
Both types of bat count as infantry for invocation, so can quickly become very large. These are for flexible protection. The fell bats make acceptable war machine hunters and the swarms are to make sure that the general is not at risk if the enemy outmanoeuvres you.

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