Thursday, 29 August 2013

Avatar of War Dwarf Ironshields

The longest of times ago, I took part in a Indiegogo (Kickstarter-ish) project to fund some dwarf models from the excellent Spanish company "Avatars of War". Now I have my painting mojo back, I have painted some more of these chaps. I think at the time they were experimenting with a plastic/resin combo, which just didn't quite work. They have since moved away from this and their newer stuff look much much better. However I still think this looks great (a sudden breakdown in my normal modesty levels).

I tried for a different beard colour with these boys. I tried to follow the beard colour on the left-hand dwarf from the front of the Warhammer dwarf army book. It is a kind of ginger going grey colour. Not quite sure it worked, but that was what I was going for...

I quite like how these guts look. Hope you do too....

Monday, 26 August 2013

Admiral Olga Kurganova

It has been a long time since I last posted and for this I apologise. Real life got a little too real for a while there and I just couldn't bring myself to lift a brush. Oh well, enough about me, what about you? How is your how is your hobby life getting on? Missed you all loads!

I present for your viewing pleasure Miss Olga Kurganova. Olga stands an elegant 38mm hgh from those slender heals to that sweet little head. She weighs in at only a few ounces. Olga believes in world peace and enjoys the company of her lovely sisters Malinka, Ivanka and pet dog Charlie

The model completes my painting of the Kurganovas boxed set from a nice little French company called "Raging Heroes". This is a set of three mock- Imperial guard commissars (and pet) which are definitely not PC.

I found these models difficult to photograph, which probably tells you more about my limitations at photography than anything else. I tried to complete the symbols on the back of her coat in NMM gold. In hindsight this was a mistake. Any other light colour would probably have shown off this fine molding better.

All in all, this was a nice set to paint and I have subsequently ordered the Fantasy equivolent set the Von Königsmark boxed set. Happy painting...


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