Monday, 14 June 2010

Week 21: Skeletons and the World cup

OK; lets face facts. i'm not going to get a lot of painting completed between now and the end of Englands participation in the 2010 World Cup. At the moment it looks as if that might come to pass sooner than later...

Over the last weekend I have managed to watch 12 solid hours of football and another two hours of motor racing Ouch.

In between I have managed to finish my final skeleton figures. This makes a total of 52 Skeletons, which allows for 30 starting figures and 22 allowance for increase by casting. I recon that should do.

As is normal (for me anyway) I have grouped some of the figures onto combined bases to make setting up easier. I have opted with ten figures to have 1 three wide base, 2 two wide and three single figures.

I have stuck with the same colour scheme as the remainder of the army. Hopefully this will pay dividends in time.

Monday, 7 June 2010

WIP: The last few skeleton infantry

The weather in Devon, England has been baking hot this past week. This has had a very bad effect on my willingness to spend evenings sat in a hot stuffy room painting and making figures. Therefore little in teh way of progress to report. All I have managed is to construct 10 skeletons.

These chaps (when painted) will expand my skeleton horde to 52 figures. That exceeds what I need for my lists and should be sufficient to keep me going for a bit.

Now the weather has broken and the rain has returned, progress should quicken up a bit.


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