Sunday, 6 October 2013

Oathsworn Dwarf Kickstarter: four more painted

Today marks the final day of the second Oathsworn miniatures kickstarter. It therefore appears appropriate to finish painting and post another four miniatures from the excellent first kickstarter campaign. About a month ago I finished my first five figures, so for this post I randomly selected another four to rattle through.

Mordrin Pathfinder

 I love this little chap. I don't think I have ever seen a dwarf throwing axes before and to catch one in the act is so exquisite. I got myself a little confused about what each material represented. In the end I elected to have Mordrin wearing a white undergarment, a blue hooded cloak and a leather jacket over this. I hope that this is something like what Michael and Jo intended.
 Mordrin has a long shafted second axe, a neat back pack with bed roll, drinking flash and horn hung from his hip. I wonder if you can spot them all. The nicest feature was the toggles used to secure the hoods sleeves. Sweet details Oathsworn.

 Hargun Hammerhand

 Hargun is a more traditional armoured dwarf. The main challenges were working out how is hat was supposed to look, and what is cape was made off. Not quite sure I got either correct, but it is my best guess.

Halgur Grumsdottir

 I just love the way Michael sculpts faces, especially female dwarf faces. I suspect that he uses a model. A case in point is Halgur. I don't think I have done her full justice, but she is so great to paint. I assumed that she is a Dwarf ranger so have kept her colours to greens and browns; but I could not resist the temptation to give her grey leggings. The cape was has made her a bit too glossy, so I will matt varnish to remove this effect.

 Grindol Stonehide

Finally Grindol is again a traditional armoured Dwarf, but is soo very full of character. I gave him a red beard to contrast the greys of the armour. Once again the cape is too glossy, bit varnish will solve this problem.

I very strongly encourage everyone to look at the second Kickstarter. If post bidding communication and delivery is as good as the first then you are in for a treat....

Friday, 13 September 2013

Victorian zombie ladies of the street - why not!

The 2nd edition of Malifaux is fast approaching on the horizon, so I thought it was time to present for your viewing pleasure, my own 1st edition force. What attracted me to Malifaux is the bizarre and highly creative world that the game is set in...

To borrow the wording from Wyrd miniatures own site "Based in an alternate Earth, Malifaux uses gothic, steampunk, Victorian horror with a dose of the wild west to inject fun and depth into the magical lawlessness of a world rife with monsters, necropunks, man-machine hybrids, gunslingers, and power-hungry politicos"

The game is a skirmish type game using 32mm miniatures and with factions that include the undead, a "Guild" of human mercenaries, Victorian Magic users, Creatures born in children's nightmares and other crazies far more twisted all set in a semi steampunk victorian wild west.

What is more the game uses no dice, just a set of gaming cards..

I couldn't avoid getting involved and elected to get hold of a Resurrectionists gang. Those that know me will not be suprised that I built around a "Jack the Ripper" type character and his troupe of undead zombie ladies of the night.

The first figures I painted were the afore mentioned Rotten Belles.

These girls come in three poses and I brought two packs. I therefore elected to modify some to make them all look a bit different..

The blue yellow and green ladies are painted as they come from the box. I have kept to a single colour scheme for each girl to simplify game play. Much easier to talk about a blue lady than say "that one there" (whilst pointing wildly).

The second group of three girls have been converted.

The brown lady started life as the same model as the blue lady. I have removed her brolly and slightly straightened her arm.

The grey lady was the same as the green lady, but I have removed her fur shawl, and have bent her arm across her as far as I thought I could get away with. I have also twisted her leg slightly to have her stepping off a kerb. After all she is a street walker...

The lady in Red started as the Yellow lady. I have brought her arm in closer to her body and I have taken her brolly and replaced it with a more aggressive weapon.

In my usual style, here are the pictures of the pretty ladies, but from the back...

Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Oathsworn dwarfs: First five painted

First things first, welcome to my 200th post. No prizes, but welcome anyway...

Now to the matter at hand. I have a little problem, it turns out I am addicted to Kickstarter. Who would have guessed.  This little addiction has brought me some long waits and some disappointment along the way.

Now, none of this applies to the excellent Kickstarter run out of Michael Lovejoys company Oathsworn miniatures. Some run kickstarters for what appear to be months. Michael kept his to 28 days. He took part on the comments chat and his modelling changed to reflect the comments made on-line. In the end he produced 16 No. 28mm scale dwarfs for £32 GBP. Not too shabby at all. Then the best bit, at the time when all other kickstarters go quite, he kept up the momentum. Weekly updates followed and within a month the first parcels were being sent, EARLY!!!
Not bad at all. - No better than that, his is an example that a lot of much bigger campaigns should follow.
Having said all that, the models arrived when I was taking a break from painting so they sat on my shelf for a week or two. I have now started painting these and I present the first five...


Click on pictures to make them bigger

The first model up is my favourite of this bunch. I assume this is a wizard type chappy. Following a comment made on the kickstarter page, I decided to paint his armour as leather, so as not to disrupt the magic, then I forgot all that and painted him with a metal helmet.
The guy has a book strapped to his back and has a satchel of scrolls and a pouch of ink. What is not to love about this model.
After the first model I needed a beer and who better to share it with than this fine upstanding member of the community.

 Please forgive the slightly blurred picture, my camera tripod appears to have lost the ability to support a camera and keeps falling over..

This is probably the least favourite of all the sculpts , just because I am not really sure it works. First female dwarf berserker model I have ever seen, so this might capture everything it needs, it just does not do it for me...

This is my current roleplay character and I use her as a dwarf cleric. I just love the angry look on her face.

I tried to produce a tartan look on the back of her cloak, but it is far too big and does not work. Oh well, it is what it is...


 Presumably sister of the female cleric, this young lady is a sweet little thing. two hammers and a pretty face. She will make a good wife for any aspiring dwarf.

 If you like what you see, I am advised that Michael will be hosting a second kickstarter in the near future. I would keep an eye on his facebook page for news...

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Terrain Tuesday: Tabletop World Town House

Way back in January I brought some resin buildings for my local gaming club. I have the dubious honour of being the club treasurer. This requires attending every week, but does allow me to spend my free time doing something I appear to have become a little addicted to. That is searching the web for interesting things to buy.

Which takes me back to my purchase. The models are a fantasy town house and cottage from a company called tabletop world. Tabletop world is a small company run by two friends in Croatia.

I brought the models and was very, very impressed. So much so that I wrote up a little article.

Now my painting mojo has returned, I have applied a little paint.
Click pictures to enlarge
The first of these models to get painted was the town house. If I was impressed with the model unpainted, I am overcome once it received a bit of paint. The model just takes paint so well and is so very easy to paint.

I kept to a straight forward colour scheme, and almost all of the basic painting was achieved by dry brushing. I then added a little variety to the roof tiles and stonework by using GWs washes. Simple...

The photos don't really do the model justice, but there are a lot of nice little details and it makes the nicest little building.

What is more, the roof is removable should you want to use for skirmish or role play games.

Oh and the best feature, It is very robust. Even my club members will struggle to damage it! Give them time...

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Avatar of War Dwarf Ironshields

The longest of times ago, I took part in a Indiegogo (Kickstarter-ish) project to fund some dwarf models from the excellent Spanish company "Avatars of War". Now I have my painting mojo back, I have painted some more of these chaps. I think at the time they were experimenting with a plastic/resin combo, which just didn't quite work. They have since moved away from this and their newer stuff look much much better. However I still think this looks great (a sudden breakdown in my normal modesty levels).

I tried for a different beard colour with these boys. I tried to follow the beard colour on the left-hand dwarf from the front of the Warhammer dwarf army book. It is a kind of ginger going grey colour. Not quite sure it worked, but that was what I was going for...

I quite like how these guts look. Hope you do too....

Monday, 26 August 2013

Admiral Olga Kurganova

It has been a long time since I last posted and for this I apologise. Real life got a little too real for a while there and I just couldn't bring myself to lift a brush. Oh well, enough about me, what about you? How is your how is your hobby life getting on? Missed you all loads!

I present for your viewing pleasure Miss Olga Kurganova. Olga stands an elegant 38mm hgh from those slender heals to that sweet little head. She weighs in at only a few ounces. Olga believes in world peace and enjoys the company of her lovely sisters Malinka, Ivanka and pet dog Charlie

The model completes my painting of the Kurganovas boxed set from a nice little French company called "Raging Heroes". This is a set of three mock- Imperial guard commissars (and pet) which are definitely not PC.

I found these models difficult to photograph, which probably tells you more about my limitations at photography than anything else. I tried to complete the symbols on the back of her coat in NMM gold. In hindsight this was a mistake. Any other light colour would probably have shown off this fine molding better.

All in all, this was a nice set to paint and I have subsequently ordered the Fantasy equivolent set the Von Königsmark boxed set. Happy painting...


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