Sunday, 13 January 2013

Spartan Games: Industrial set - Dystopian wars

Almost two years ago a number of local plays brought Dystopian Wars miniatures from Spartan games and gave it a go. Despite the fact that the games were quite fun, for some reason the game failed to catch on. It may have been something as simple as the messy way the first edition rules were arranged within the book.

Now that some time has passed, a number of players have painted up their fleets and we are prepared to give the game another chance. We thought we would start with a few simple games with the standard fleet and then move up from there.

To support the effort, I have invested in some scenery items. The figures on this page are the contents of the Industrial set. Now it is important to remember that these are at 1:1200 scale, so are quite tiny. For example, the doors are around 1.5mm high! 

Finally, I was asked by Joe for a comparison shot between a Kingdom Death figure and figures from another manufacturer. I have included a photo here with two GW empire figures. I have raised up the GW figures so the bottom of shoe height is roughly the same. You will see that there is a massive difference between a 28mm GW model and the 32mm KD figure...

1 comment:

  1. Nice looking stuff there.

    I think the Kingdom Death Figure is more heading for 35-40mm scale though. Looksa pretty huge in comparison.



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