Thursday, 24 January 2013

Old Throgg - complete

For the longest of times I have been playing a Warhammer Fantasy - Warriors of Chaos Troll army based around Throgg and because GW had never released a Throgg figure, I have been having to make do with marking one of my own trolls. Throgg is a troll king character who allows Trolls to be treated as a core choice. Recently I bit the bullet and elected to convert up a figure to properly represent this most important of all Trolls.

In the meantime...

Fantasy gaming blogs are currently active with rumours of imminent release of more warriors of Chaos Monsters/characters. Amongst the figures that are rumoured to be released is a model for Throgg. .

Oh GW! if only you had been quicker, you would have saved me the effort!!!!

Never mind, my Throgg figure is now finished.

For my Throgg figure, I had been using my oldest Troll figure. This is an old GW troll from the 1987 citadel catalogue. This is model that represents a thin haunched figure, smaller than the current models. Although this does not quite match the Throgg stories of him being the biggest and best of all Trolls, he is my oldest model in the army and I have developed a love for him Therefore I wanted, to persist with the model.

My way of getting around this was to say that Throgg is now very old and has grown demunitive with age. This would still leave the problem of him looking lost amongst his bigger Troll guard. Therefore I decided to give him a little help and provide his own bearer troll to carry him around. It feels like suitable support for a King.
In a previous post, I have discussed how he was assembled.

I choose to keep his skin colour similar to that used on the other Trolls in the unit. However, I wanted to mark him out as older. To achieve this I added more pink and skin tones into the brown / beige colour system. I also tried to paint his hair brighter than it should look, to represent a wig. I thought an old king would have a little vanity.

 Here is is with his unit (or bodyguard)..

 Hope you enjoy.

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