Monday, 7 January 2013

Kingdom Death: Pinup twilight knight

Unless you have spent the last year living under a rock, you will know about the phenomenon that is "kickstarter". It the current hot thing on kickstarter is a campaign to produce a boardgame called "Monster". This is a boardgame that is based around roleplay character type development similar to that you will find in D&D etc, but with a clever card based AI system for the monsters.

The campaign features 35mm models produced for the KingdomDeath company by a number of the worlds best sculptors. I decided to try before I brought and sampled two of their products. I showcased the "twilight knight" in yesterdays post and tonight I present for your viewing pleasure the female version the "Pinup twilight knight".

The company appear to enjoy producing definitely non-pc figures and this poor girls fits with this approach. Once I got over the fact that she is mostly naked, this model is an absolute pleasure to paint. The cast holds the detail well and was significantly flash free.

I hope you enjoy and if you feel inspired, then get a move on you only have around 5 hours left to invest...


  1. How about some comparisson shots with miniatures from other companies? Looks like you used a 30mm round lip base there for example. How tall is she compared to say an Orc or Chaos Lord?

  2. Nice ... I myself am halfway thru painting a White Speaker. ^^

  3. Joe: I have added comparison shot on my latest post...
    FourEyedMonster: thanks, Please include a link when you post your white speaker up; I would love to see it...



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