Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lore of Life wizard

Way back at the dawn of time; OK the mid nineties, when Games workshop still experimented with alternative game systems. GW had a go at a game called Warhammer quest. This was a box set with a whole load of miniatures and a set of cardboard tiles to represent a dungeon floor plan. As was their practise at the time, they followed this up with a good selection of add on sets.

 The legacy of this is that there are a few very nice plastic figures out there available for use in GWs current game selection. I have managed to collect a selection of the plastic wizards. Now whilst some are quite badly damaged (I think one has been chewed by a dog!), they are some gems in amongst them. This druid is one such model, and best of all I got him unpainted and un-primed.

I have painted him up as a life wizard, because lets face facts, that is exactly what he is. I have kept the paint scheme as simple as possible to retain the simplicity of the figure.

I am very very happy with how he has come out, I hope you are too.


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  2. Yes!. I was not sure ... so I looked this old miniature ...
    A MAGNIFICENT paint job! Congratulations!!!



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