Saturday, 16 June 2012

Ogre Firebelly

I have a longstanding arrangement with my friends in the local gaming community. This is that I will agree to paint any figure that they want me to paint, for free, in whatever style they ask for. This arrangement does have a number of constraints of course. The constraints are;
  • You only get one figure per lifetime (if you can work out how to get two lifetimes, you get two figures)
  • I can take as long as I like to paint the figure
  • I can photograph the figure and add it to this blog
  •  If they ever want to sell the figure, I get first option and at the current cost that you can buy the unpainted figure for.
A good friend of mine in Exeter is building an Ogre army and has taken advantage of this offer to ask me to paint his Ogre firebelly; and here are the results, I hope he will be pleased.

I have deliberately painted him with quite dark skin. this was in an attempt to make the bright parts of the flame look brighter still.

I have added a bit of reflected light onto the skin, but have tried to keep this quite subtle. Hope it shows up OK on these photos.

The weapon is a little bent. I did straighten it out a bit, but it is obvious from this photo that I should try again. The base matches his army bases and includes some cork bits which are painted to appear like rock.

 Hope you enjoy.


  1. That is amazing painting, you should be very proud of your skill.

    1. Thank you Mister Overlord sir. Your comment is much appreciated.

  2. The painting is nice, but the color choices could be improved to add more depth and visual appeal. The entire model and base are all yellow tones. Even something as simple as a darker base will help the model stand out. You can't really do much to change the color of bones, but the colors of the necklaces and loin cloth (especially in the back) don't stand out from the model at all. The base is the same, there just isn't enough of the grey to break things up.

    If you made the red on loin cloth deeper and added a touch of blue into the shading on the skin, you'd have a winner. Changing the base a bit would help as well. The flame and OSL are nice, but the rest kind of gets lost in the mix.

    Sorry to sound like a dick. I just wanted to give you some feedback and I tend to come off a little blunt online.

  3. Thank you J for taking the time to make constructive criticism, it is very much appreciated. The only way I can improve as a painter is if I can learn from the misses and the hits.

  4. Well that's a hit in my book. I find time and again that people use object source lighting like a sledgehammer. But this is a perfect example of subtlety and balance. Great stuff. Also would love a recipe for your empire swordsmen. I'm starting an empire blog myself. :)



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