Saturday, 2 June 2012

Nordland Empire swordsmen

Every Empire army needs its fair quota of swordsmen, and mine is no exception. In my last post I carried out a small conversion on some 6th edition spearmen to make them swordsmen. I have rummaged through my unpainted pile and have grabbed some more figures and painted what I can.

Please forgive the standard of the photos today,I have been playing with the settings and have got myself a little lost!

In the picture above you have two spearmen conversions and a crusty old figure from the 1988 catalogue.

Here we have more of the same, together with a modern chap (second from left). I use the same shields to tie them all together into a united force.

Hope you enjoy. Now I am off to set how I set white balance on my camera. Wish me luck!


  1. These look great! The blue and cream are very crisp and strong, the conversions are great too. You'd never know the difference.

  2. Your Empire figs are amazing looking. Two questions: 1) what colors do you use to come up with that cream? 2) do you paint 5 figs to completion before working on the next group?



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