Thursday, 29 November 2012

New Dwarfs: Avatar of War: out the box

Back in June Avatars of war participated in a Indiegogo campaign to support the development of an extension to their range of Dwarf figures. This is a site which is very much in the "Kickstarter" style.

The idea is that you commit to buying some of the new figures from them and if they get enough money committed then they can afford to produce the figures. If they don't hit the target then you don't get charged. Their target was met and they have started to manufacture and post out some of the models.

I ordered the following selection:
40 Ironshields
20 Thunder Warriors or 20 Crossbowmen (whichever is finished first)
20 Doomcrushers
1 Rune master
1 Ltd Edition standard bearer
1 Dwarf Lord with great weapon
1 Dwarf King.

Today I received the first selection of figures.
 21 Ironshields
All of these are plastic with torso and legs separate,but delivered on a single sprue piece.
The first up are a command group with musician, standard bearer and champion. All except the musician could easily be assembled as troops.

Next up come the core troops. There are 9 different torsos.Two models are provided of each. If you click on the picture you will get a much better impression of the detail on each figure.It is clear and well sculpted, so should be very easy to paint. One weapon had separated in the pack, but this will fix very easily.

Four shields arms are provided..
 Together with a fine selection of hand weapons..
 And a standard. It appears that AoW quite like this standard. I am not clear if they intend to use it in all their packs. Either way, it will be very easy to replace.

Dwarf Noble
This is a very nice metal figure which comes as a single piece. Crisp modelling with no flash. Very nice..

Dwarf Rune Master.

This chap is harder to judge. He is split into 4 key parts with cape, beard and staff all individually supplied. Nice casting and crisp features. Should be nice to paint, but will look better with paint on him.

All in all a mighty fine selection. I will need to work out how I want to base these and then find a little time to paint. Should be fun...

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The last of the (gladiator) Titans...

A long time ago I started Skorne Hoards force and it is time to present the last two of these figures. Today I will post up the last of my three gladiator titans then as soon as he is ready I will add a completed Fatty on a mattress (Dominar-Rasheth)...

When you have a couple of Gladiator titans and a titan cannoneer; anything smaller just does not feel enough. Therefore I kept with the theme.

 I just love the green and gold look for the armour. I think it works quite well against the reddish skin of the beast..

 The markings on the base important for game play because you need to know where the front arc of the model is.

 I built the chap with no flag for two main reasons.
  • I wanted to easily spot her from the other two gladiators.
  • I couldn't face painting up another detailed banner.

This last shot shows the quantity of green-stuff. Which I have to say was less than any of the other Skorne gladiator models and was a big relief...

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Mountain Chaos Trolls

It has been a little while since my last post and I suppose that that should not go without comment. I had a holiday so was out of the habit of posting and then work got a bit busy. Any-hoo that was then, this is now.

I have owned and played a small Warhammer Fantasy Warriors of Chaos army for some time that was built around a small troupe of Trolls. The only problem was that I was slightly intimidated with the thought of painting them.

My normal way of encouraging myself to paint an army is to put myself into a tournament. It gives me a deadline and a list of models to complete. To this end I signed up to a doubles event at Warhammer World. Therefore for your entertainment I present the first two figures; two chaos trolls...

  I elected to use these old Orcs and Goblin figures for three main reasons;

  1. I don't like the Chaos Trolls GW produces
  2. I quite like these models
  3. I can get them quite cheap on ebay....
You will notice that these two chaps are the same basic model with just a little tinkering. I swapped the weapon around and played with the pose by straightening him up a bit and twisting his arm positions. By placing a rock under one foot I have made a subtle difference to his stance that hopefully hides the fact that they are the same model.


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