Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The last of the (gladiator) Titans...

A long time ago I started Skorne Hoards force and it is time to present the last two of these figures. Today I will post up the last of my three gladiator titans then as soon as he is ready I will add a completed Fatty on a mattress (Dominar-Rasheth)...

When you have a couple of Gladiator titans and a titan cannoneer; anything smaller just does not feel enough. Therefore I kept with the theme.

 I just love the green and gold look for the armour. I think it works quite well against the reddish skin of the beast..

 The markings on the base important for game play because you need to know where the front arc of the model is.

 I built the chap with no flag for two main reasons.
  • I wanted to easily spot her from the other two gladiators.
  • I couldn't face painting up another detailed banner.

This last shot shows the quantity of green-stuff. Which I have to say was less than any of the other Skorne gladiator models and was a big relief...

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