Sunday, 12 December 2010

Miniature manufacturers: a list

Kudos to Gareth who did all the hard work.
1st Corps
2 Black Dragons
Abandoned Mind Games
Aberrant Games
Ad Astra games
Adler miniatures
Ainsty Castings
Alambic Miniatures
Alexandros Models
Alderac entertainment
Alionas - Page looks very old - visit under caution
Alkemy Miniatures
Alternative Armies
Amera mouldings
Ammon Miniatures
Andrea Miniatures
Arcane Legions
Arcane Miniatures
Armorum and Aquila miniatures
Artizan Designs
Askari miniatures
Assassin miniatures
The Assault Group
Avatars of War
Aventine Miniatures
Baker Company
Battlefield Miniatures
Baueda Models
BEF Miniatures
Bicorne miniatures
Blackball games
Black Cat bases
Black Hat Miniatures
Black Orc Games
Black Scorpion miniatures
Black tree Design
Blaze away Miniatures
Blue moon Manufacturing
Boot hill miniatures
Border miniatures
Brigade games
Brigade models
Bronze Age miniatures
Calpe Miniatures
Cannon Fodder miniatures
Castaway arts
Cavalcade Miniatures
Cold war miniatures
Conquest miniatures
Cool mini or not
Copplestone castings
Corvus Belli
Critical Mass - site may be dead?
Crocodile games
Crunch Waffle miniatures
Crusader miniatures
Dark Age Miniatures
Dark Art miniatures
Dark Realm Miniatures
Dark Slave Miniatures
Darkson Designs
Dark sphere
Dark Sword miniatures
D&P Miniatures
Denizen miniatures
Dixon minis
Dream pod nine
Dp Gaming Although the site exists, the links do not work. Use with caution.
Dragon Forge
Dungeon Castings
DUST tactics - now links to fantasy flight games
Dwarf Tales
Dwarven Forge
East Riding Miniatures
Ebob miniatures
El Greco miniatures
Elite Miniatures
EM4 Miniatures
Empress Miniatures
Enigma miniatures
Essex miniatures
Eureka miniatures
Excalibur miniatures
Exodus Wars
Fantasy flight games
Fenris Games
Flames of war
Flashpoint Miniatures
Forgecraft games
Forged in Battle miniatures
Four A Miniatures
Four colour figs
Freebooter Miniatures
Front line wargaming
Front rank miniatures
Galloping Major
Games workshop
Gamezone miniatures
Gaming figures
Garrison miniatures
Gazpez Arts
Gorgon studios
Grenadier Miniatures - site looks very old. use with caution.
Grey Matter figures
Gribbly Miniatures
Griffin miniatures
Grindhouse games
Gripping Beast Games
Grubby Tanks
Guild of Harmony
Harwood hobbies
Hasslefree miniatures
Hell Dorado
Heresy Miniatures
Heroes of the Dark age
Hinchliffe models
Hirst Arts
HiTech miniatures
Honourable lead boiler suit company
Hydra miniatures
Infinity miniatures
Ironclad miniatures
Immortal miniatures
Impact miniatures
Iron mammoth
Ironwind metals
Irregular miniatures
Itars workshop
Javis Scenics
Jeff Valent Studios
JMD Miniatures
Joe K minis
JR miniatures
Kabuki models
Killer Bee Games
King zombie
Kingdom death
Kingsford Miniatures
Knight models
Knuckleduster models
Korwin miniatures
Lance and Laser
Latorre models
Lead adventures
Little lead soldiers
Maow Miniatures
Mad puppet miniatures
Magister Militum
Maidenhead miniatures
Mantic Games
Masquerade miniatures
Matchlock miniatures
Majestic bear miniatures
Matador Models
Max mini
MCS miniatures
Mercs minis
Microart Studios
Microworld Games
Mini miniatures
Miniature building authority
Miniature heroes
Miniature Scenery
Minos Miniatures : Site has not been updated for some time - use with caution
Mississinewa Miniatures
Mithril Miniatures
Monday Knight productions
Mongoose publishing
Monolith Designs -: Site has not been updated for some time - use with caution
Moon fleet miniatures -: Site has not been updated for some time - use with caution
Mountain Miniatures
MSB Toys miniatures
Mutineer miniatures
Mystic Hobby games
Nals Workshop
Nemesis Miniatures
New Bold world
New line designs
Noble knight games
Nocturna Miniatures
Obelisk Miniatures
Offensive miniatures
Old Crow models
Old Glory Uk miniatures
Olleys armies
On the Lamb games
Otherworld miniatures
Outpost wargames services
Pardulon Models
Park Field Miniatures
Pegaso Models
Pendraken Miniatures
Perry miniatures
Pig Iron Productions
Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Plastic Soldier Company
Prince August
Privateer Press
Pulp city
Pulp Figures
QRF Miniatures
RAFM miniatures
Raging heroes
Ral Partha
Ramshackle Games
Rat Trap Productions
Reaper miniatures
Rebel minis
Red Box games
Redoubt Enterprises
Regiment Games
Renegade miniatures
Resina planet
RH Models
Rif Raf miniatures
Rod Langton miniatures
Runic Miniatures
Rusted heroes Page looks very old - visit under caution
Scale Creep Miniatures
Scarab Miniatures
Scheltrum miniatures
Scibor miniatures
Scotia Grendel Productions
Secret Weapon miniatures
Sgt Major Miniatures
Shadowforge Miniatures
Shell hole scenics
Simple miniatures
Sk Miniatures
Smart max miniatures
Soda Pop Miniatures
Spartan Games
Sphere wars
Spinespur Miniatures
Spriggan miniatures
The Square
Stan Johansen Miniatures
Steve Barber models
Steve Jackson Games
Studio McVey
Studio Miniatures
Taban Miniatures
Tabletop World
Tactical miniatures
Team frog -: Site has not been updated for some time - use with caution
Tereny DoGier
Thunderbolt mountain miniatures
Tins bits
Tor Gaming
Total Battle miniatures
Troll Forged Miniatures
2 hour Wargames
Urban Mammoth
Valiant Miniatures Clan War page
Valiant miniatures
Venexia Miniatures
Veni Vidi Vici transfers
Victory force miniatures
Victrix models
Viking Forge
Wargames factory
Wargames foundry
Warlord Games
Warm Acre
Warrior online
War torn worlds
Wessex Games
West Wind Productions
What The?! Miniatures
Wyrd Miniatures
Xyston Miniatures
Zenit miniatures
Zombie Smith
Zvezda Models

No website of their own; (can be found on,,, FRPgames or

Degra Miniatures
Dragonblood miniatures
Euphoria miniatures
Thugz Miniatures
Celtos Miniature
Magnificent Egos
Dragonrune miniatures
Velard Miniatures
Yedharo Models
Base X of War
Mad Puppet Miniatures
Pegasus models
Ares Mythologic
Behemoth Hobbies
Cowboy wars
Epic Buildings
Crunchy Frog Enterprises
Fasa Corporation
Four colour figures
Leading edge games
Roadkill Miniatures
Spyglass miniatures
Mannequin miniatures


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