Sunday, 6 October 2013

Oathsworn Dwarf Kickstarter: four more painted

Today marks the final day of the second Oathsworn miniatures kickstarter. It therefore appears appropriate to finish painting and post another four miniatures from the excellent first kickstarter campaign. About a month ago I finished my first five figures, so for this post I randomly selected another four to rattle through.

Mordrin Pathfinder

 I love this little chap. I don't think I have ever seen a dwarf throwing axes before and to catch one in the act is so exquisite. I got myself a little confused about what each material represented. In the end I elected to have Mordrin wearing a white undergarment, a blue hooded cloak and a leather jacket over this. I hope that this is something like what Michael and Jo intended.
 Mordrin has a long shafted second axe, a neat back pack with bed roll, drinking flash and horn hung from his hip. I wonder if you can spot them all. The nicest feature was the toggles used to secure the hoods sleeves. Sweet details Oathsworn.

 Hargun Hammerhand

 Hargun is a more traditional armoured dwarf. The main challenges were working out how is hat was supposed to look, and what is cape was made off. Not quite sure I got either correct, but it is my best guess.

Halgur Grumsdottir

 I just love the way Michael sculpts faces, especially female dwarf faces. I suspect that he uses a model. A case in point is Halgur. I don't think I have done her full justice, but she is so great to paint. I assumed that she is a Dwarf ranger so have kept her colours to greens and browns; but I could not resist the temptation to give her grey leggings. The cape was has made her a bit too glossy, so I will matt varnish to remove this effect.

 Grindol Stonehide

Finally Grindol is again a traditional armoured Dwarf, but is soo very full of character. I gave him a red beard to contrast the greys of the armour. Once again the cape is too glossy, bit varnish will solve this problem.

I very strongly encourage everyone to look at the second Kickstarter. If post bidding communication and delivery is as good as the first then you are in for a treat....


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