Wednesday, 12 February 2014

scorcerer and familiers

Some time ago, I received the bones kickstarter from Reaper. The set included a nice little set of familiers. I thought that I would have a go at painting some of these up.

I starter with a strange little creature made of wood, a fox and a strange green flying thing. Started by fixing these to British 5p coins. Then I sourced some 20mm bases and added the whole assemblies onto these. I think I have fallen in love with the fox figure.

Next up come a more traditional cat, Ferret and small fire elemental. Once again based on 5p coins then on 20mm bases.

Finally I have painted up a sorcerer figure. He is supposed to be from a fire elemental bloodline, so I have chosen appropriate colour scheme.

Considering how soft the plastic is, they paint up quite well.

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