Saturday, 8 February 2014

Oathsworn kickstarter painting commences (plus a croc and a wolf)

I will make no bones about it. I have a soft spot for Oathsworn miniatures. I believe that Michael and Jo produce some nice figures. More importantly, however, the provide excellent customer service from a very small cottage industry.

They only appear to sell figure through kickstarter projects, so I joined in on their latest enterprise, the Heroes kickstarter. A little over a week ago, the figures arrived, early as normal. so I reached for my paint brush.

The first figure that grabbed my attention was a pack pony called Bill (gosh I wonder where that name came from).

Oathsworn have supplied resin bases for all the figures, so I have clipped the tabs off and pinned the figure to the base.

Next up is a figure for my son for an upcoming roleplay adventure. My son had chosen to play a halfling Cavalier and it just so happens that there is a suitable figure amongst the selection. So here goes.

I mounted the little chap on a very small base (20mm diameter) because he is a small character in Pathfinder rules and this indicates his small size.

The advantage of painting such small figures is that it does not take very long at all.

So I had an opportunity to paint a Crocodile animal companion for the druid in our role-play group who was careless to have his last companion (a lion) killed.

This is supposed to be a medium creature, so I have fixed him to a medium base. I couldn't find a croc small enough and ended up ordering a ZeeDee miniatures croc. Hopefully, no-one will notice he hangs off in every direction.
Every Cavalier needs a ride, so my son as elected to go for a wolf. I have selected for his a wolf from Otherworld miniatures. Theses are a very hit and mix company with some of the nicest, but also some of the worst models on the market. This wolf really ticks all the boxes for me and was an absolute pleasure to paint, once I had finally worked out a reasonable colour scheme.

Last but not least, I have returned to the Oathsworn selection to paint up a small camp fire. Hopefully this lot should keep my DM happy.

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