Thursday, 17 January 2013

Spartan Games: Town set - Dystopian wars

In an attempt to encourage playing of Dystopian Wars, a steam-punk game from Spartan games, I have had a go at painting up some scenery.

This latest set is a town scenery set. The game is played at a 1:1200 scale so these models are pretty small. For example the doors are approximately 1.5mm high.

To break up the collection I have painted in three main styles. The models above are stone with a slate roof. The remaining town buildings are brick with either clay or slate roof tiles.

There are 10 small houses, 4 medium houses, one manor house and a civic building. All told excellent value and sufficient to have a good go at making a small village. The models are well defined and easy to paint. This collection and the industrial set took a combined 5 painting sessions to paint the lot. I didn't worry too much about painting tidy because I am confident that my gaming club will have these wrecked pretty soon, but I am confident that these will add to our playing pleasure.

Now, all I need is an affordable sea!

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