Thursday, 3 January 2013

Charlie Kurganova: Top dog

I have treated myself to a little Christmas gift: from me to me! I ordered the "Kurganova boxed set" from a sweet little French company called "Raging Heroes". This is a set of three mock- Imperial guard commissars (and pet) which are definitely not PC. It took a little time to come, but just before Christmas a nice little package arrived through the post..

The models were nicely presented in a little cardboard box. Not quite sure why, but there you are! The figures were housed in bubble wrap and plastic bags within. Now Christmas has come and gone, I have allowed myself to have a go at painting and assembly.

The figures are cast in a routine white metal. They had quite a lot of flash, but working with GW figures over the years has taught me what to look out for and that patience at this time is always rewarded. The casts are pretty flat, and the limbs are far too thin to permit any attempt at pinning, so there was nothing left but to assemble and hope for the best.

First on the painting table is the pet dog "Charlie". This is quite a small model which would have been lost if I had just sat him on a base. So I elected to build him his own little pile of bones. A quick raid on the bits box and I was there..

Quite a cute little British bulldog; who for some reason is smoking a cigar and wearing a vaguely German helmet. I have said it once and I will say it again, the French can be a little strange at times.

 In hindsight, the fur is a little dark, but not bad for a start to the set. Next up come the sisters...

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