Sunday, 27 January 2013

Tabletop world buildings: A review

Occasionally I will buy and paint scenery items for my local wargames club. The main criteria for this scenery are (in order);
  1. It must be robust
  2. It must be very pretty
Robust and impervious to damage are the critical because of the way wargamers tend to repack scenery at the end of an evenings gaming. I have lost track of the number of damaged items of scenery. This is the main reason why we do not invest exclusively in GW scenery. There are just far too many sticky out bits to break off!

Luckily the club is quite well off for funds, so I am able to experiment a little. One of these experiments arrive through the post yesterday.

 The models are a fantasy town house and cottage from a company called tabletop world. Tabletop world is a small company run by two friends in Croatia. The British pound is doing quite well at the moment so I was prepared to take the risk of ordering a couple of models via the web.

 The product:
I have photographed the models next to a random 28mm empire figure from my collection.

The models are cast in what appears to be a plastic, not resin as I thought when ordering. This means that they will be very capable of standing up to the mishandling that my club members will subject them to.

I sat down today to clean up the models. After a very detailed look, I put down my tools. There was absolutely no cleaning up required at all. No mould lines, no uneven base, nothing. Quite excellent.

The detail on the models is superb. and very well imagined. They will fit in very well into a warhammer world.

 I ordered the models on new years eve and therefore was able to take advantage of a promotion the company were running, which means that furniture was included.

This furniture is equally well modelled and came in excellent condition.
 The building roofs are detachable with details on the inside. Although this is of no use in WFB, it has a use in mordheim or roleplay environments.

My only complaint is that there is no fireplace depicted next to the chimney stack.

A resounding 10  / 10. Very  very highly recommended!

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