Sunday, 6 January 2013

Kingdom Death: Twilight knight painted

Like your typical toy solder voyeur, I have watch some companies ranges grow from a distance, always with the idea that I will buy one of their figures sooner or later. My relationship with KingdomDeath has always remained exactly as that, a love from a distance.

That was until they launched a kickstarter campaign. That was all I needed to encourage me to break my silence and make a commitment. However, before I splashed the cash I wanted to see just what the figures were like. So I ordered two.

With 24 hours of the kickstarter left, I have finished the first of the two and I thought I would share...

This model is known as a twilight knight and was part of a limited run. For what it is worth this is model 137 of 450 in a collectors edition. However, Adam Poots (the owner of the company) has announced that everyone who bids at survivor level will get a model as a Christmas gift.

The model is normally carrying a severed head; however the head was from a beast with many eyes and would not fit into lots of other settings, so I opted to omit it.

The models are crafted to 35mm which is noticeably bigger than 28mm. I do not believe that you can comfortably mix the two scales without noticing the difference.

The model is great and after painting I am very ready to invest in the campaign. If you intend to join me, then you had better be quick. The clock is ticking...

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