Saturday, 19 January 2013

Throgg on the workbench

I have been playing a Throgg / troll based Warrior of Chaos army for a little time now. For those who don't know, Throgg is a troll king character who allows Trolls to be treated as a core choice. For my Throgg figure, I have been using my oldest Troll figure. This is an old GW troll from the 1987 citadel catalogue. 

Since I decided to paint up the army I needed to do something with the figure. Out of a sense of loyalty to the old figure, I wanted to retain him as my king, but I also wanted to make it clear he was the king. Therefore I needed to lift him up a little.

After a little thought I opted to have him lifted high on the shoulders of a troll slave. A was able to get my hands on the troll from the 7th edition box set. The base figure is modelled about to throw a stone bust of a dwarf. It took quite a bit of work to cut this away from the model, but it left him with raised arms that could look as if he is supporting the troll sat on his shoulders. I had to work hard to bend the legs of the metal troll to make him sit more.

I had to disguise where throgg sat by extending the grass skirt so it appears to hang down the back of his supporter.

I bent and then re bent the plastic trolls arms and wrists until his hand are in a position to appear to support the metal troll.

I had to repair a little damage to the arm muscles, but all in all, it worked better than I feared it might.
All that matters now is to paint the combined figure up....

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