Thursday, 29 August 2013

Avatar of War Dwarf Ironshields

The longest of times ago, I took part in a Indiegogo (Kickstarter-ish) project to fund some dwarf models from the excellent Spanish company "Avatars of War". Now I have my painting mojo back, I have painted some more of these chaps. I think at the time they were experimenting with a plastic/resin combo, which just didn't quite work. They have since moved away from this and their newer stuff look much much better. However I still think this looks great (a sudden breakdown in my normal modesty levels).

I tried for a different beard colour with these boys. I tried to follow the beard colour on the left-hand dwarf from the front of the Warhammer dwarf army book. It is a kind of ginger going grey colour. Not quite sure it worked, but that was what I was going for...

I quite like how these guts look. Hope you do too....

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