Thursday, 5 September 2013

Oathsworn dwarfs: First five painted

First things first, welcome to my 200th post. No prizes, but welcome anyway...

Now to the matter at hand. I have a little problem, it turns out I am addicted to Kickstarter. Who would have guessed.  This little addiction has brought me some long waits and some disappointment along the way.

Now, none of this applies to the excellent Kickstarter run out of Michael Lovejoys company Oathsworn miniatures. Some run kickstarters for what appear to be months. Michael kept his to 28 days. He took part on the comments chat and his modelling changed to reflect the comments made on-line. In the end he produced 16 No. 28mm scale dwarfs for £32 GBP. Not too shabby at all. Then the best bit, at the time when all other kickstarters go quite, he kept up the momentum. Weekly updates followed and within a month the first parcels were being sent, EARLY!!!
Not bad at all. - No better than that, his is an example that a lot of much bigger campaigns should follow.
Having said all that, the models arrived when I was taking a break from painting so they sat on my shelf for a week or two. I have now started painting these and I present the first five...


Click on pictures to make them bigger

The first model up is my favourite of this bunch. I assume this is a wizard type chappy. Following a comment made on the kickstarter page, I decided to paint his armour as leather, so as not to disrupt the magic, then I forgot all that and painted him with a metal helmet.
The guy has a book strapped to his back and has a satchel of scrolls and a pouch of ink. What is not to love about this model.
After the first model I needed a beer and who better to share it with than this fine upstanding member of the community.

 Please forgive the slightly blurred picture, my camera tripod appears to have lost the ability to support a camera and keeps falling over..

This is probably the least favourite of all the sculpts , just because I am not really sure it works. First female dwarf berserker model I have ever seen, so this might capture everything it needs, it just does not do it for me...

This is my current roleplay character and I use her as a dwarf cleric. I just love the angry look on her face.

I tried to produce a tartan look on the back of her cloak, but it is far too big and does not work. Oh well, it is what it is...


 Presumably sister of the female cleric, this young lady is a sweet little thing. two hammers and a pretty face. She will make a good wife for any aspiring dwarf.

 If you like what you see, I am advised that Michael will be hosting a second kickstarter in the near future. I would keep an eye on his facebook page for news...

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