Friday, 8 January 2010

Week 1: 5 Chaos warhounds

Week one is over and I have completed 5 chaos warhounds.

This counts as 20 painting points [a model is worth its unit strength squared in points]. This is ahead of the number required to meet the deadline for the year (16 per week). So far so good.

Amazingly this already counts as 8% of one of the Warriors of Chaos armies.

The warhounds required a lot more greenstuff than I would have liked especially at the top of the head. Without this work they would look like they had a massive center parting and a large hairlip.

I have gone for a paint scheme that makes them look a little like boars. This is not intentional, I was just keen to give them a pink nose and it comes out that way.

the camera is one I borrowed off work. I might need to work on my photo skills, there is a lot more variance in colour than there appears in the picture. If I can I will buy a better camera.

5 more warhounds are on the table waiting for completion next week.

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