Friday, 22 January 2010

Warriors of chaos 2000 points List 2

Kholek Suneater
The Troll King Throgg
3 Chaos Trolls
3 Chaos Trolls
6 Chaos Trolls
4 Dragon ogres, great weapons
Chaos giant, mark of slaanesh
Scyla Anfinngrimm

This army is is many ways just for fun, but is, occasionally, a very competative force.
Its quite fast and tough with lots and lots of big nasty monsters that can turn the enemy into so much pate. Kholek anf Throgg provide some nice leadership zones to protect the trolls from stupidity and Throgg also acts as a battle standard. Scyla is a fun character and has magic resistance 3 to help stop spells that would affect the whole army.
Syla and the giant provide flank protection as they are pretty much immovable (ones unbreakable whilst the other is stubborn with a leadership 10), the giant always strikes first too.
The army has virtually no magic resistance, no offensive magic, has hardly any missile fire and has nothing to deny rank bonus, however its speed and toughness will make it a hard nut to crack.

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