Friday, 15 January 2010

Week 2: Another 5 warhounds

Ok, end of the second week and I have completed another 5 warhounds. This counts as another 40 painting points (each model is worth its unit strength squared in points) and places me 8 points ahead of schedule. I have a feeling I might need these points in hand at some point.

I have used the same technique on these as on the previous 5 warhounds, but have slightly changed the brown recipe. These are scorched brown to beastial brown, to a mix of dwarf flesh and beastial brown. The fur is further lightened up to include the above mix with
 a fair amount of bleached bone in it.

All bases have a magnetic mounting so that they will sit in the movement trays with no problems. The mounting is just magnetic sheeting that is used for printing fridge magnets off your computers printer. Nice and easy, but not too cheap.

Next week, I'm going for a slight change in pace. I'll have a go at Crypt ghouls. These will fit in both of my Vampire counts lists, that way I can show progress against many lists at once. Double bonus!

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  1. Great to see some Citadel stuff and very nicely painted it is too!




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