Thursday, 28 January 2010

Week 4: I finish a unit of crypt ghouls

Week four has come to an end and I've just about managed to complete my first unit of Crpyt ghouls.

I have not yet assembled a ghast, but that will come how I've decided I want to model the blighter. I've been playing with ideas around some of the old Mordheim figures, or following Games Workshops lead and converting up a empire flagellant. I have a few from my empire army.

I have tried to combine a few on this base to make casualty removal a bit easier. The rock is just a bit of foam cut to shape. I experienced problems with the GW undercoat melting the foam, but overcame this with a layer of PVA. Now I just need to work out a resilient way of gluing the figures onto these rocks. The idea behind he rocks is that they will try to tie the various units together visually.

In total I need to bang together about seventy of these chaps, but I think it might be an idea to return to these in a bit otherwise I might just run out of enthusiasm.

All of the unit are mounted on magnetic strips to make carrying easier.

As regards progress, I promised myself that I would complete 16 painting points per week (each model is worth his units strength squared in painting points). This is now the end of week 4 so I should be upto 64 and I've only done 60. Ooops. Lets see if I can try and catch up a little next week.

The ghouls have been quite fun, but to be honest its now time to switch to something with a bit of colour in it. next week I plan to have a go at the Chaos marauder horsemen. 4 of these will stop me slipping further behind.

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