Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Vampire Counts 2000 points List 1

Vampire Lord; Extra magic level, nightmare,
Ghoulkin, dark acolyte, infinate hatred, summon ghouls
sword of might, walach's bloody hauberk, dispel scroll, black periapt
The lord is a good mix of magic and combat reliability. A level 4 because of the bloodline powers, he can put a power or dispel dice aside for the next phase. In combat he has 4 S6 attacks and his hatred applies every round, so he should hit most of the time. There is no limit to how many ghoul this chap can raise. Lastly his ghoulkin power means all those units of ghouls get a free march before the game begins (with any characters who have joined them).
Vampire; battle standard
Forebidden lore, summon ghouls
Flayed hauberk, power stone
the battle standard is a support character in every sense; despite being only a level 1, he knows all the spells from the lore vampires or one of the ones in the rulebook. So although he can only use 2 dice to cast spells, he has a lot of choice and the power stone means he can give a one shot attempt at a tougher spell later in the game.
Infinite hatred, walking death
Sword of battle, armour of night, talisman of lycni
This guy is fragile with only a 5+ save and dosen't have much casting ability. However, he's great for hunting down small units, war machines or vulnerable characters. His magic armour inflicts a -2 to hit modifier to all shooting whilst he's on his own, so regular shooting will rarely hit him.
20 crypt ghouls, ghast
18 crypt ghouls, ghast
14 crypt ghouls, ghast
10 crypt ghouls, ghast
The bulk of the army and a very solid bulk it is too. toughness 4 with 2 poisoned attacks each, ghouls are pretty decent in a fight.
7 Dire wolves, doom wolves
Dire wolves are extremely quick (m9) but are very poor fighters. they can hunt war machines but for the most part are best used to march block.
A very good lone monster and terror causer, his stats are good enough for him to go hunting small enemy units by himself or give a bit of clout to any ghouls stuck in combat.
5 Blood knights, standard, musician, royal standard of stigos
the hammer unit, frenzy, hatred and a stat line better than many heroes, these guys have the most devastating charge of any in the game.

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