Thursday, 7 April 2011

Legionary 2011: Preparation continues

My local club co-hosts an annual tournament and show (called Legionary 2011) in Exeter (UK) each year and this year it is taking place on May 7th. So preparations are well progressed...

The show hosts a number of traders which include:

Angel Barracks
Baker Company
Dreamholme Scenics
Grubby Tanks
Heroes of the Dark Age
Ironclad Miniatures
Lesley’s Bits Box
KR Multicase
Plastic Soldier Company
Solway Crafts and Miniatures
Space Vixens from Mars
The Square

and demonstration games such as...

Abbeywood Irregulars – 1938 – Very British Civil War
Cornwall Wargames Association – 479BC Plataea
Devon Wargames – Battle of Le Mesnil Patry
Escape Committee (Burnham on Sea) – Napoleonic Skirmish – Song of Drums and Shakos
Exeter Inquisition – Infinity (a high-tech 28mm SF skirmish game)
Exeter Inquisition – 40k Zombie Apocalypse Kill Team
Exmouth Imperials - Napoleonic Plastic Heresy
Gary Mitchell – Space Vixens from Mars
Ironclad Miniatures demo game – Grubs!
Mos Isca – Flames of War – Push inland from Anzio
MCS – demo game tbc!
Nik Harwood – Blitzkrieg Commander in 10mm - USMC v Japanese
Nik Harwood – Cold War Commander in 3mm
North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics – Iron Kingdoms Press Ganger games
Portbury Knights – Spears’ Run – Band of Brothers refight
Ryga’s Roughnecks - The End is Nigh (Zombie survival game)
St Austell Wargames Club – Modern day pirates.
Trelawny’s Armies Gaming Society – Secrets of the Third Reich
Tus a’n Orlewen – Somewhere along the Mississippi

We also are hosting three tournaments; 1500 point 40k and Warhammer fantasy and 35 point Warmachine/Hordes.

Although between the two clubs we have loads of gaming tables, a descision was taken that we will need even more for the tournaments and so I got the task of banging some together. We decided we could do with around 40 odd 4' x 2' boards (3 together make 6' x 4').

So I brought 10 sheets of 8' x 4', and marked them out...

Spent a happy our or two cutting them up (under supervision of the cat)...

Gave them two coats of nice green paint.

There we go 40 boards to fill up my back room!

Looking forward to the tournament!

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