Thursday, 21 April 2011

Every horde starts with a gathering.

On Saturday I started assembling a new army ready for the Legionary '11 tournament. That means I had left myself 21 days to assemble and paint 96 models.

I am now 5 days through and I have at last managed to complete some figures. Albeit only 10 Skaven clanrats, at least it is a start...

As discussed on Tuesday, I have attempted to go for a very uniform rag colour for the Skaven rags. I opted to have the rags go whiter the higher status that they are. For this reason the Clanrats are painted as a mid colour rag.

I have chosen to represent these clanrats as Clan Septik, so they are painted with very rusty weapons. I chose to do this with washes of Bestial brown and Orange. I am quite happy with the look that this has created.

I love the little rats that appear here and there, if only there were more!

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