Thursday, 28 April 2011

Skaven weapon teams: now in colour #2

As promised earlier today, here is a post with the remainder of the Skaven weapon teams I have recently painted;

Skaven Warp grinder

This strange little combo is part warp grinder and part warpfire thrower. I made the swap of the rear guy to add more variety to the warpfire thrower base. I think it looks OK, but I would have a lot of difficulty explaining why you need this great barrel of fuel strapped to the back of a rat whilst you are tunneling.

Oh  well...

Having said that I think the barrel looks great and the wood grain comes up very nicely.


Now this is a very strange bit of kit indeed. part unicycle; part motorbike and part doomwheel. At various times when painting it, I struggled to know which bit of clothing or limb matched which rat.

I elected to paint the parts separately because I was not sure how much of the inside you would be able to see when it was assembled. Now it is all together you cannot see anything, so these photos are my only lasting memory of wasted effort..

In hindsight I might give them both tail swaps because the metal tails do not look all that great. Still there are a lot of details on the model and is is quite fun to paint. Add the shell / flail bits and it looks a bit more complete. Not sure what he thinks he is going to use that knife on, but it better be tall!

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