Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Skaven weapon teams: WIP

I am fast approaching the halfway point on my three week challenge to assemble and paint a 1500 point army ready for legionary tournament, Holy Easter  weekend if behind me and I am way behind schedule; so it is time to press the go faster button....

I have now assembled a selection of Skaven weapon teams. The Island of blood box set comes with poisoned wind mortar and warpfire thrower weapon teams; I have two box sets so I have two of each team. I have supplemented these with a Doomflayer team and whilst I was collecting this I treated myself to a Warp-grinder team...

I have kept the Doomflayer team in three separate components to make painting easier. This is quite a tall piece. Quite disappointingly they have kept with the monkey faced Skaven for both this and the Warp grinder teams.

I could not help fiddling with the other weapon teams and have split and then recombined the warp-grinder and warp-fire teams. I used a piece of guitar wire and an old soft metal empire standard to rebuild the wire between these two teams.

Time to roll up my sleeves, set all other toys aside and get on with this thing!!!!

Wish me luck!

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