Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Skaven panic and my colour trial is complete

On Saturday I started assembling a new army ready for the Legionary '11 tournament. That means I had left myself 21 days to assemble and paint 96 models.

Well we are now 3 full days through and I have assembled 40 odd Skaven and finished painting my first one! OK, lets be honest, the Skaven I have painted was a packmaster and it does not fit into my proposed army list! But it looked like such a nice figure that I could not resist....

Not a good sign of how easily I get distracted!

I elected to paint the Army as Clan Septik. This Skaven Clan is renowned for never cleaning or maintaining their weapons - In spite of this abuse, their blades never loose their edge or fall apart. [plenty of chances to paint rust]. Clan Septik Like to wear off-white robes to better show their filth off - Facts courtesy of White Dwarf 373 - [I love the option of painting an entire Skaven force in very plain off white colour rags, with the thought that the higher their status the whiter the rags.]

With that in mind, I have taken the packmaster as a mid status kind of rat, roughly equivalent to a Clan rat, so I have painted the rags as Khemri Brown blended up to Dheneb Stone and selectively washed with Devlan Mud.

I chose to paint the hairs of the skin hair by hair rather than drybrushing, I'm not sure if I will live to regret this! I choose to base in Scorched brown, then paint hairs in Bestial Brown, another layer in a 1:1 mix of Bestial brown and Dwarf flesh and a final layer of hairs in Dwarf flesh,

The snow is there because i have never tied snow before. I have opted to use "Army Painter" Snow flock. It is a bit grainy, but does not look too bad.

More soon, I hope.

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