Thursday, 28 April 2011

Skaven Weapon teams: now in colour #1

It has been a busy few days, but I present for your viewing pleasure (?) a small selection of Skaven weapon teams..

2 poisoned wind throwers,
2 warpfire throwers,
1 warp grinder and
1 doomflayer

I know that this is more than I need for my tournament list, but once you start it appears daft to stop.

I plan to include photos of the wind and warp throwers here and the remainder in a post later in the day when I have compiled the photos...

Poisoned wind thrower.

The only real conversion I attempted with these was to swap the guys around on one. Not too adventurous but it does add a bit of variety. I also bored out the barrel, but you cannot see that too clearly on these shots.

For those who have seen this army develop I have indicated status by the colour of the rags they wear, the darker and more unclean, the lower in status they are. I have painted these guys as mid ranking kind of guys to match the clan rats they accompany.

Warpfire throwers

With one of these teams I have swapped the rat who carried the warp fluid with a warp grinder team. See if you can swap which one. This created some problems making and adding the pipes that join the two to ensure that they look consistent as they pass between the team mates. I think it looks quite natural, but please let me know if they do not.

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