Thursday, 3 March 2011

Dystopian wars: Plain planes?

The Dystopian wars game system combines land, naval and air forces in a strange Victorian steampunk world of combat.

My foray into this world started with the purchase of the Federated States of America starter set. A couple of days ago I completed a trial paint of one of the small plane tokens.

I very much enjoyed this experience and wanted to get on and paint the rest of the planes...

So here goes...

The tokens represent a small collection of planes. The game then combines these in sets of 1, 3, 4 or 5 into squadrons. The starter set comes with 10 of these plane tokens and every fleet gets to use 10 fliers for free so it feels important to get these painted up quickly. Afterall free is my favourite cost...

You get a choice of ways to split the planes into different squadrons, so out of ignorance I hve elected to go for what the game calls "composition 1". In other words I have split the planes into groups based on the first thing I saw.

I aim to identify each squadron by the colour of their wing tips.

I hope you like them. I have tried to maintain a cloud effect and the Eiffel tower (isk) side pattern..

Blue Squadron

Red Squadron

Yellow Squadron (recon)

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