Friday, 18 March 2011

Dystopian Wars: FSA A-17 Class Bomber

Recently I have been working through my Dystopian wars Federated states of America fleet. So its time to move back to working on the aircraft...

The FSA Navel battle group included two A-17 class Bombers and I threw a bit of paint at them...

The planes come as three separate pieces. The square plastic base needed a little light filing to enable the rod to fit. I chose to superglue these two elements together.

I then elected to attach a small magnet onto the top of the rod and to the underside of the planes. Not only does this allow me to remove the plane for safe packing, it will also allow me to add a cloud for when it goes obscured. I have not made the cloud..

I kept with the general green colour of the rest of the fleet, but choose to copy the colour of the pipes from a model on the spartan games forum by "legalgun"... 

I think this looks pretty good, but leads to the question of what happens at the back of the plane.

I choose to try an represent a kind of jet flame look. The idea is propellers for slow, jet for fast.

The rest is fairly conventional, but I may add some decals if I find any suitable ones...


  1. They look great..considering you "threw a bit of paint at them", my aim isn´t that good. :-D

  2. These may be the best bombers I've seen. Great job.

    I thought about magnetising my flyer stands. Did you drill the existing hole in the model a little deeper to improve the support?

    1. Thank you... I cleaned up the hole, but the magnet went straight in. The only problem was that the hole was a little too deep, so I ended up with two magnets in the hole, which I then flooded with superglue to make sure they would stay put.



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