Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Dystopian Wars: FSA lexington cruiser WIP

A little over a week ago I brought the Federated States of America Navel Battle group box set from Spartan games Dystopian Wars game system. I have been having such fun painting them up, that I thought I would share how I had gone about giving them the look I opted for..

For this I have chosen to attack three Lexington class cruisers. You get three in the box set and they have detachable front turrets and a choice of central configuration of Kinetic Generator (top), rockets (next) or shield generators. You get enough components for all to be put forward with any combination. They are heavy enough that you do not need to glue these in...

So to crack on...

First step was to glue the ships onto a bit of spare plastic card I had spare. I scrapped the edges to give them a slightly bevelled edge. I then painted the deck planking with graveyard earth.

and highlighted them with Kommando Kharki.
the main elements of the cruisers are painted in Gretchin Green
and the metal work in Boltgun metal or tin bitz as appropriate.

I then gave everything a healthy wash with Devlan Mud.
once this had dried,  I built up the green areas with layers through Gretchin green to Fortress grey.

the bronze areas were then highlighted with dwarf bronze before washing these with Baal red. The silver areas were lightly touched up with Mithril silver.
 I then coloured in the doors and windows.
and added pva to the bases to represent the sea.

The extra components were then painted in a similar way..

Hope you enjoyed..

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  1. This colour scheme is very different to most FSAs, a welcome change. Well executed too. Good job!



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