Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Dystopian wars: Fleet not finished and already I'm buying more..

The normal pattern is repeating itself. I buy a game system / army / faction ...whatever and I find myself enjoying painting the figures so very much that before I've even finished painting basic force I'm off to the web or local store adding to the figures to the point where I end up with more figures than I could or would ever want to paint.

This last couple of weeks I've been busy assembling and painting a Federated states of America fleet for Dystopian wars (by spartan games). I've only played about two turns so far (fitted in at the end of games evenings, after other games have finished) and already I've become tempted by the FSA aircraft carrier..

So before I know it, off to the shop and when my guilt subsides long enough to realise what I've done, I look down and there are the contents on the box before me....

One Saratoga class carrier..

an second flight deck

and six plane tokens..

best get my paints out...

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