Monday, 21 March 2011

Dystopian Wars: FSA Independence class battleship and a little sea colouring

I've recently been working on my Federated states of America fleet for Dystopian wars, a Victorian steam punk type naval, land and air combat game.

This week I've had a chance to have a go at the battleship of the fleet and what a big boy it is...

I have painted the ship in the same colours as the rest of the fleet and they are all starting to come together now.

The ship comes complete with a choice of three model options a shield, a Kinetic generator (go faster button) or rockets.

These are quite weighty bits of resin, so I have decided not to magnetise these in place. When added to the ship these look pretty fun...

with shield...

with Kinetic generator..

or with rockets...

I have been asked by a friend how I painted the sea. I went for quite a green look and combined citadel paints Regal blue, Knarloc green & fortress grey in combinations of 1:1:0, 2:2:1, 1:1:1 & dot:dot;1 as shown below..

I then added water foam in fortress grey..

Hope you like.

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  1. Big Wow!

    Beautiful brushwork :)

    Thanks for sharing,




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