Sunday, 27 March 2011

Dystopian Wars: FSA Saratoga class carrier

OK, last week I rushed out and brought myself the Saratoga class aircraft carrier for the Federated States of America fleet for Dystopian wars is a made rush of enthusiasm for the game and its models...

Today I bring you good news on two counts....

1) My bank manager can breath a sigh of relief because I have resisted the urge to buy any more.
2) I have finished painting this one (well, if you don't count the plane tokens).

and once again showing the wake effect I have tried to create at the rear of the ship..

The upper deck of the carrier comes as a seperate piece and is weighty enough that you can avoid gluing and still be confident that it won't fly off whilst gaming. Unless you shake your figures like maracas wjilst playing that is.

The advantage of not gluing is that you can show off the details of the lower deck..

I choose to have a go at cutting out the resign between the girders on the upper deck to held pass more light through to the lower deck.. Whilst this was easy to do because the resin is quite soft, the piece is so thick that it has almost no effect and I don't suppose anyone will ever notice. Still, I know I did it...

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Just the remainder of the frigates and a few flyer tokens to go and I have an entire set..


  1. You've given a great model a great paint job - well done.

    How close are you to finishing the fleet box? Looking forward to some group pics.

  2. Thanks Vladdd309. I am getting very close now. I am currently working on the remainder of the frigates and hope to post in a couple of days. That will just leave 6 flyer tokens.

    Darn those flyer tokens....

  3. Excellent work!

    FYI, I did notice that you cut out the resin between the girders. I did the same with mine.



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