Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dystopian Wars: FSA plane colour trial

After opening up the post at the weekend to uncover my Dystopian wars, Federated states of America (FSA) battle set, it didn't take me long to get out my paints and have a trial at painting one of the paint tokens.

It is difficult to overstate just how small these things are. The bases are 20mm square, which means each plane is just 8mm wide. Can't get too much detail on a planes that size.

To Keep it simple, I have decided to go with a single colour scheme, and indicate the different squadrons by the wing tip colours. I decided to go with green and a simple wash. To accentuate the front of the plane I have given it a brass / bronze colour. 
I have tried to paint the base so that it looks like the planes are flying through clouds. The edge is then painted so that the pattern looks as much like the Eiffel tower type of girder arrangement as I could get it.

The base looks quite speckled here, but in reality that it is not the case, I might just have got a little dust on the base when I photographed it.

I am quite happy with this and will continue with the rest of the bases....

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