Thursday, 10 January 2013

Dark Elf Bloodbowl team: Now in lilac

Each year my local gaming club host a bloodbowl league which tends to run with games every other week for around 3-4 months. Each year I try out a different bloodbowl team. To date I have tried Human, Halfling, Chaos Dwarf and Dwarf teams. 

This year I have decided to go with a dark elf team, and have set about painting up a bunch of guys. These are models I have previously managed to pick up cheap and therefore there is a mix of figures between two different editions of Bloodbowl. 

I went for a kind of purple / lilac colour which I kept as a single colour to make life easy for myself. I have managed to paint up the entire team in five painting sessions. This is remarkably quick for me!

For what it is worth I will start the league with 3 Blitzers, 1 runner, 7 line-elfs, 2 re-rolls and a fan factor of 3. I colour the bases to make it easier for me (and my opponent) to identify which model represents which type of player..

Wish me luck!

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