Monday, 6 February 2012

Norland Halberdiers (some ginger)

I have been working on some old style Citadel halberds and a bunch of Artizan Landsknecht who I am giving GW state troup halberds. I am starting to blitz through the figures now and have completed a second ten figures, which can sit along side last weeks effort.

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If you hate them, have ideas on how I could improve or what to paint next, leave a message below. It only takes a minute and I really appreciate it...

I think I have got a bit over excited with the eyes, some are looking very sinister.

In an attempt to make them look a bit different I have had a go at ginger hair on a couple. Not convinced I got it quite right, but in the middle of a packed regiment they don't look too bad.

.... and here is my oldest figure in its third repaint. He comes from the mid eighties and looks a bit short when compared to the current ranges. Nether mind, I like him.

For added pretty, here are the same figures but from the back..


  1. I like them. A lot. And I think the ginger looks grand.

  2. THese are looking good too, looking forward to see the whole unit in it's glory. The old Citadel/Foundry figure is a nice figure, loads of character even if he is a bit short. :-)



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