Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Halberds in cream and blue: what's not to like?

After preparing up another selection of Artizan halberds late last week, I spent the weekend throwing paint at a whole load of the guys. To add a little interest I added in a few older figures that had spent some time in brake fluid stripping off old paint jobs.

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Above we have two Artizan figures supporting an old citadel miniature. Once again Artizan are slightly taller, but not ruinously so.

Now this is a strange little threesome. We have Artizan to the left, old citdel and then the mid ninties "crewman with hook Halberd" from the war wagon! Pitty the picture is slightly blurred.
Four more make ten. Hope you enjoy these. I have around another 20 to paint then I will post group photos of the complete units.
 Now for the photos from behind..


  1. I don't really care for the models, but the painting& colors are very nice

  2. Can't +1 them as I don't have a Google+ (or the like) account, but I can say how much I like the look of them (which is a lot).



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