Friday, 17 February 2012

Nordland Greatswords: 8th edition demands 10 more

My 7th edition Warhammer fantasy Empire army was "happy as Larry" with a unit of 20 greatswords. Now, in 8th edition, it appears that no-one goes out with less than 30 in any kind of unit. Desperate to fit in; it appears that I needed to paint another 10 greatswords. When I first brought the lads I had the foresight to buy around 40 of the chaps, unfortunately I raised a little money a few years ago and sold the unpainted ones. This meant I had to pop out and buy a pack of plastic greatswords.

At least it gave me a break from painting Halberds. :-)

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I was not looking forward to assembling and painting these, but I got a very pleasant surprise. They a great models, with enough to make them interesting to paint, without stupid loads of added on skulls or hourglasses for no reason.

The figure in the middle was one last remaining unpainted metal greatsword, that I painted up whilst completing the rest.

I have grown to love the overgrown feathers on the hats on these figures. Collectively, they look great (no pun intended).
And in my normal style, here come the views from the back...
 Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Don't use Greatswords in my games anymore, they usually die horribly and quickly, even in big numbered units. Great looking figures though, you've got to have some cause they look cool, ...and you never know they might fix them in the new army book when it appears.



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