Thursday, 9 February 2012

Converting Artizan figures to match GW.

 I have recently been busy assembling and converting an Artizan Landsknecht Regiment into Empire Halberds. So impressed have I been that I have ordered another regiment set. At only £22 this did not feel too much of a risk. Unfortunately I had stripped my bits box of every spare Halberd head I could find. A quick search of the web and I had found two viable sources. The first was Foundary, and their halberds have been added to the figures above.

These are not bad, but are sold in a combined pack with Polearms, so I have a well stocked collection of polearms in the bitz box now. I was a bit disappointed that my £3.50 purchase of metal cost me an additional £8 in P&P. If I had spent more time looking I would have added more figures to my purchase to make it worthwhile.

 Next up I visited The assault group for their collection of Halberds. Their weapons are fixed onto the chaps above. The weapons are slightly smaller, but don't look out of context. The main advantage to me was that although they were slightly more expensive at £3.60, they didn't charge me any P&P!

 Last up, I stripped and based a lone musician. This is an old citadel figure from the mid nineties. Not the greatest job in stripping paint but I was getting a bit bored.

If you ave any alternative weapons or figures, post below. Otherwise happy modelling and I will post soon with pictures on how they came out when I threw a little paint at them.

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