Monday, 20 February 2012

Empire Halberds a penultimate post

A short while ago I started painting up around 50 odd empire halberds. I now have another ten painted, which leaves just another ten to paint. Thank god, It is getting pretty dull painting loads of similar figures.

 The current project is all about getting a list completed in readiness for a four player team event this weekend. So I am painting every hour I have. Can't beat a deadline for getting figures painted.

Hopefully I am maintaining an appropriate painting standard, if not it is too late now.

Hope you enjoy....


  1. Well done, more great looking figures...nearly there! I'm looking forward the see the massed ranks of the unit once complete.

  2. Thanks Hendrid; Always good to receive your encouragement; Sorry I have dragged these two units out over soo many weeks, hopefully will follow up with something more interesting. Any suggestions?



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