Saturday, 3 April 2010

Week 13: Slaanesh Marauder horsemen

For some reason I find painting cavalry figures far more time consuming than I ever imagine that they will be.
This week I have painted my second box of slaanesh Maruader horsemen.
The general idea is that I will end up with three units of slaanesh cavalry armed with throwing spears and with only light armour. This maintains the fast cavalry ability and enables my mages to move around the battlefield within a unit that will not panic.

The unit colours match the previous marauder figures I have painted. I have deliberately varied the position of the horse figure along the base to give a looser feel to the unit in a way that I hope emphasises their more independent approach.

Easter is now upon me and I plan to take a break from painting as I visit relatives. Have a good one....


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